Club membership is annual from 1st February to 31st January. Every January ALL members including synchro are required to renew CASC membership or resign. This process is initiated by e-mail from the Membership Secretary and must be completed by 31st January each year to allow Swim England memberships to be renewed by CASC during February. Failure by members to renew means members will not be permitted to enter the water from 1st March due to a lack of Club membership and therefore Swim England insurance.

STEP 1 - Membership Form

All synchro members are required to complete the online membership form Link  or a renewal form using the link in the email from the Membership Secretary.  This essentially provides the club with your contact details and information necessary to register swimmers with the Swim England (as Cat 1).

If synchro members wish to participate in the CASC Club Championships there will be an additional fee payable either upon first time membership or at renewals.  Please see Fees page for the current amount.

STEP 2 - Payment

Synchro members are required to pay the annual club membership fee on joining and every year by 31st January - Fees. This re-imburses the club for charges made by Swim England for registration. Synchro members monthly fee's are listed on the same page.

To pay the Annual Membership Fee either use internet banking (the preferred method) and e-mail CASC Treasurer or provide a cheque (swimmer name & 'synchro' on back) and hand to a coach poolside.

Organisation Chippenham ASC
Payment Reference Please use 'MEM-SURNAME-FIRST NAME' (i.e. MEM-SMITH-JOHN)  This will ensure our Treasurer can identify member on bank statement
Payment Please email Treasurer for account details

STEP 3 - Swim England Membership

ALL Synchro members are required to register as at least Swim England Category 1 - CASC will organise this on receipt of the completed CASC Membership Form provided at Step 1 above. Swim England Category 1 registration permits synchro members to compete in:

- Any event excluding Swim England and British Swimming Regional and National Championships providing that members have not attained skill level three of the Swim England Synchronised Swimming Awards.

- Recreational strand events in Swim England and British Swimming regional and National championships.

Should there be a chance that you will compete at Category 1 excluded events (i.e. higher level competitions) you will need to be registered as Category 2, this should be completed at the start of the membership year.  If in doubt please discuss with your coach. CASC wishes to avoid members joining as Category 1 in January and changing to Category 2 during the year as this incurs additional time and cost for the club.

Swim England Category 2 Membership entitles members to compete in Swim England Regional and National Championships and British Swimming National events (excluding recreational strand events).

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