Committee Members:
Role Name
Chairperson Craig Holden
President Lyn Cairns
President Elect Darren Hall
Treasurer (email: Treasurer) Gary Brown
Club Secretary (email: Club Secretary) Verity John
Head Coach Nigel Butler
Competition Secretary (email: Competition Secretary) Mike Weston-Burt
Welfare Officers (email: Welfare) Caroline Lavelle/Emma Watt
Membership Secretary (email: Membership) Tracy Morton
Disability Liaison Officer Vacant (email: Club Secretary)
SwimMark Co-Ordinator Tony Gregson
Education/Training Officer Emma Watt
Officials Co-Ordinator Amy Parker
Open Meet Co-Ordinator (email:Open Meet) Caroline Thomas
Webmaster (email:Webmaster) Lyn Cairns
Masters Co-Ordinator Matthew Cruse
Members Amy Parker, Lucy Cole, Lynn Denning, Don Smith

All CASC Presidents remain lifetime members of the club:

Date Description View
November 2020 CASC Past Presidents Link
Other Officials/Helpers:
Role Name
IT Support Gary Barnett
Kit Order Manager Rachel Nicholls
Register Manager Lyn Cairns
Publicity/News Officer (email: Publicity) Amy Parker

Head Coach (Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri) Nigel Butler (L2)
Coach (Tue, Thur, Fri) Gary Brown (L2)
Coach (Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri) Lyn Cairns (L2)
Coach (Tue, Thur) Amy Parker (L1)
Coach (Tue, Thur) Caroline Lavelle (L1)
Assistant Coach (Tue, Thur) Lucy Cole
Assistant Coach (Tue, Thur)
Steve Cox
Assistant Coach (Tue, Thur) Rob Steele

Role Name
Teacher (Tue, Thu) Heather Butler (L2)
Teacher (Tue) Lynn Denning (L2)
Assistant Teacher (Tue) Matthew Cruse (L1)
Assistant Teacher (Tue, Thur) Lucy Cole

Suitably qualified coaches / teachers are always available on poolside in accordance with SwimMark requirements. Outline Terms of Reference for the CASC Committee and other volunteers are provided in the Roles & Responsibilities document below.

Date Description View
November 2021 Roles & Responsibilities Link

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