Safety is paramount with any swimming organisation and at Chippenham ASC we take these issues very seriously.

There are a number of obligations we have as a club to ensure the safety of everyone concerned. These are:
• Compliance with Swim England Safety Instructions;
• Compliance with Safety Instructions issued by the various pool operators;
• Compliance with statutory Health and Safety regulations and any Safety bye-laws.

Training sessions will not commence without the presence of a trained lifeguard and applies to all levels of competition.
Swimmers are not allowed onto poolside without the presence of at least one club coach or assistant. It is therefore important that parents / guardians do not allow their swimmers into the changing rooms earlier than 10 minutes before the start of a session.

Some club members have life-saving and first aid qualifications and we encourage others to improve their knowledge in this way.

Relevant Risk Assessments are shown on the Reference Documents website page.

All members have a responsibility to act if they see an obvious breach of rules or something likely to cause an accident. 

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