22 Jan 2022

Wiltshire County Youth Championship 2022

Wiltshire County Competition was held at the Link Centre, Swindon on 22nd and 23rd January, 5th and 6th of February 2022. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Wiltshire County needed to cut the amount of entries by 1/3 as pool time was limited and the swimmers needed to spread out around the pool therefore no spectators were allowed. To achieve this Wiltshire County made the entry times more difficult to achieve, resulting in fewer entries.


Chippenham ASC had a team of 8 swimmers that qualified and competed at this event, they were;


Daniel Holden, Holly Parker, Isabelle Chappell, Joshua Watt, Leo John, Lillia Barnett, Louis Nicholls, and Oliver Brown.


The swimmers swam a total of 42 races over the 4 days. Wiltshire ASA ran finals for each of the 4 age groups; 14 year olds, 15 year olds, 16 years and 17 years and over, in all the 50m and 100m events. The fastest 6 swimmers in each of these 4 age groups, in each 50m or 100m event, then raced again at the end of the session. Chippenham ASC had swimmers who made the finals and also won medals in the longer events and placed in the junior (15 and under) championships or open championships (fastest 3 swimmers of any age) they were;


Daniel Holden

100m Freestyle 6th place


Holly Parker

50m Butterfly Silver medal

200m Butterfly Silver medal

50m Backstroke 5th place 

100m Butterfly Bronze medal


Isabelle Chappell

100m Backstroke 6th place

50m Butterfly Bronze medal

100m IM Silver medal

100m Butterfly Silver medal

200m IM Gold medal


Joshua Watt

200m Backstroke Silver medal


Leo John

50m Backstroke 6th place


Lillia Barnett

200m Breaststroke Bronze medal

200m Freestyle Silver medal

100m Freestyle Bronze medal

100m Breaststroke 5th place


Louis Nicholls          

100m Backstroke Silver medal and 2nd place in championship 

200m Freestyle Gold medal and Wiltshire County Champion 

200m Butterfly Gold medal and Wiltshire County Champion 

200m IM Gold medal and Wiltshire County Champion 

100m Freestyle Gold medal and 2nd place in championship

200m Backstroke Gold medal and Wiltshire County Champion

400m IM Gold medal and Wiltshire County Champion 


Oliver Brown

200m Breaststroke Silver medal

100m IM Bronze medal 

50m Breaststroke Silver medal

100m Freestyle 6th place

100m Breaststroke Silver medal

50m Freestyle 6th place


In addition to this some regional consideration times and regional qualification times were achieved, they were;


Holly Parker

Regional Consideration Time

50m Butterfly


Oliver Brown

Regional Consideration Time

200m Breaststroke

100m Breaststroke 

Regional Entry Time

50m Breaststroke 


Louis Nicholls

Regional Consideration Time

100m Backstroke

200m Freestyle

200m Butterfly

200m IM

200m Backstroke

400m IM                                                                                     


Well done to all swimmers.


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