To contact the CASC Welfare Officer(s) directly for confidential advice, or to raise a welfare issue, please e-Mail the Welfare Officer(s) directly Welfare This email is sent ONLY to the Welfare Officer(s)


Chippenham Amateur Swimming Club is committed to providing a club environment in which all children (persons under 18yrs) participating in its activities have a safe and positive experience. In order to achieve this, we adopt and implement the Swim England Wavepower Welfare - WavePower policy in full.
To comply with current legislation, permission to take photographs must be obtained from the pool operator and/or event organiser. Most swimming events have forms available where photographer information must be provided in advance of camera use. Please contact the Welfare Officer for further advice.

Swimmer Supervision
Parents remain responsible for the safety and behaviour of their own children when not in the pool, including the changing rooms and outside areas. The coaching and poolside staff are only responsible for swimmers in the pool during their allocated swimming session. Swimmers arriving early on poolside are not the responsibility of the coaching and poolside staff.

We advise parents/carers of young swimmers to remain on site throughout the swimming session. It is not desirable for parents to drop children off at the roadside and come back later to pick them up from the pavement outside the pool.

CASC Welfare Documents

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