IMPORTANT NOTE: If a member regularly misses one of their sessions, on a given day, for 6 or more occurrences the club will seek to understand why and if necessary remove the member from that session. This is in the interest of making the best use of the lanes for all members. If you will not be attending sessions for a prolonged time due to injury or other aliments please contact the Club through Contact Us so we can discuss session fees etc.

Session Fees (Swimming & Masters)

Each swimmer is a member of a particular squad - Fundamental Training Skills Squad, Higher Training Skills Squad, Performance Training Squad or Masters. 

CASC fees structure is based on membership of those 4 squads and each member is strongly encouraged to attend the maximum number of sessions available to their squad in order to optimize their progression within the Club. 

When a member changes squads then the appropriate new monthly fee should be paid.  Please contact the Treasurer if you have any queries relating to the correct fee payable.

Squad fees for 2020 are as follows:-

Squad Sessions per week Training Days Required Attendance  Monthly Fee
Fundamental Training Skills Squad 2 Tue & Thur Preferably both £20 per month
Higher Training Skills Squad - Bronze 2 Tue & Thur Preferably both £35 per month
Higher Training Skills Squad - Silver & Gold 2

Tue & Thur

Both sessions £35 per month
Higher Training Skills Squad - Honours 3

Tue, Wed & Thur

Minimum 2 sessions £35 per month
Performance Training Squad 5 Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed & Thur Minimum 3 sessions £50 per month
Masters 2 Wed & Thur Preferably both £28 per month

Further details of the training sessions can be found on the 'Club Sessions' tab on your Dashboard, please login to view.

Session Fees (Synchro)

The monthly synchro training sessions are as follows

Sunday 5:30 – 7.00 pm pool session - £15 per month for beginners and £25 per month for intermediate and advanced

Wednesday 7.30 - 8.00 pm and 8.00 - 8.30 pm pool sessions - £15 per month

Wednesday 6.00 - 7.00 pm land training - £15 per month

Annual Membership Fee (Synchro, Masters and Swimming)

In addition to monthly standing orders there is an additional annual membership fee that also includes full entry into CASC Club Championships, see Events - Club Champs. The majority of this fee covering the period 1st February to 31 January is administered by the club but forwarded to Swim England as part of affiliation / insurance.

The 2019 annual membership fee to include entry into Club Championship is:-

Fundamental Training Skills Squad £50 (includes entry into Club Championships)
Higher Training Skills Squad £65 (includes entry into Club Championships)
Performance Training Squad and Masters £65 (includes entry into Club Championships)
Synchro £65 (includes entry into Club Championships)
Synchro £45 (excludes entry into Club Championships)

 Payment is required by 31st January each year - please monitor your E-Mail for annual membership renewal instructions at this time of year.

Changing the Number of Sessions
Please remember to update your existing standing order when you change squads, please email the Treasurer to advise of the change.  CASC is not able to change standing order payments - this remains entirely your responsibility.

Club Finances
Chippenham ASC operates as a completely non-profit making club with the aim of matching expenditure with income. The vast majority of funds raised from membership fees and monthly standing orders is used to pay pool hire costs (>95%). Remaining funds are used for essential training, events, equipment etc. All coaches, poolside helpers and other club officials provide their time completely free of charge as unpaid volunteers.

Club Resignation
Chippenham ASC cannot cancel Standing Order payments when swimmers leave the club - Bank Rules. It is the parents sole responsibility to cancel standing orders on leaving the club. Please E-Mail the Club Secretary on Contact Us when this is done.

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