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2016 Club Championships

Updated 26-Jun-2016 22:37 - 200 IM Results Added to results section of website - Points table will be created in due coruse.

Entries for the 2016 Club Championships have now closed. All entries received are shown below [Entries Received] - please check and let me know by 19-Jun-2016 if this list disagrees with what you believe you have requested.

Please find information below relevant to the 2016 CASC Club Championships - PLEASE CHECK WEBSITE REGULARLY FOR UPDATES.

Please see the Results section of the website for all Results.

Corsham  200 IM Sunday 26/06/16 @ 19:30hrs
St Mary's  Sprints 1 Saturday 09/07/16 @ 16:15hrs   Level 4 License # 4SW161005
St Mary's  Sprints 2 Saturday 16/07/15 @ 16:15hrs   Level 4 License # 4SW161006
St Mary's  Distance Saturday 01/10/16 @ 17:15hrs   Level 4 License # 4SW161007
St Mary's  400 freestyle + TT Saturday 08/10/16 @ 17:15hrs
Corsham  200 backstroke Sunday 09/10/16 @ 19:30hrs
Corsham  200 butterfly Sunday 16/10/16 @ 19:30hrs
Corsham  200 freestyle Sunday 30/10/16 @ 19:30hrs
St Mary's  200 breaststroke Saturday 12/11/16 @ 17:15hrs
Corsham  400 IM Sunday 13/11/16 @ 19:30hrs


2016 Instructions Link
2016 Entry Form (via Email) - Entries Closed N/A
2016 Schedule of Events Link
2016 Squad List Link
2016 Sprint Night(s) - Parents Guide Link
2016 Event Eligibility Link
2016 Entries Received [and Payments Recieved] Link
2016 Prelimnary Start Lists Link
2016 200 IM Heat Sheets (Printed on the Night for Parents) Link
2016 Heat Sheets - Sprints 1 - TO DO Link
2016 Heat Sheets - Sprints 2 - TO DO Link
2016 Heat Sheets - Time Trails after 400 Freestyle - TO DO Link

Due to the number of events taking place at Sprints 1 and Sprints 2 and the Time Trials following the 400 freestyle these races are pre-heated - please bring along your own heat sheets (printed from above) on these evenings. Other events (200m and distance events) are heated on the night based on who turns up. It is therefore extremely important and good manners if you can let me know in advance [Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or use the contact details on the submission responce email] if you will not be swimming in events that you have requested as this can delay the event for all competitors and volunteers if we are waiting for late swimmers. If you are going to be a few minutes late then please call someone on poolside to pass on the message - if this doesn't happen swimmers are likely to be withdrawn from the event to avoid empty lanes and reduce the number of heats.

Results will be posted on the website results page as soon as I can manage - hopefully within one week of each event.

Many thanks,

Philip Sheppard

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



2016 Regional Championships





Professional photo's of the Plymouth and Hengrove events can be viewed at www.iwantoneofme.com

The same photographer will also be attending the Millfield event

2016 Regional Programme Link
2016 Regional Qualification Times Link
2016 Regional Qualifiers and Entries Link
2016 30 Apr, 1 & 2 May - Youths - Life Centre, Plymouth - Confirmed Start Times Link

14 & 15 May - Hengrove - Age Groups - Confirmed Start Times

Start List can be found at www.swimwest.org



2016 21 & 22 May - Millfield - Age Groups - Confirmed Start Times Link
2016 3 Jul - Regional Sprints [Fast 5] - Gloucester - Confirmed Start Times Link

 Please check the entries list and reply by email to the competition secretary, if there are website errors please email the  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Confirmation by email is required if you wish to attend an event, please try to combine all your entries into as few emails as possible (this also confirms your agreement to pay). The club will contact you later in relation to payment of the  charges for the event(s). [Please note: For the Calne Alpha 4 Open Meet on the 9/10th April 2106 an SMS (Text Message) is required to request entry - contact information will be emailed seperately at a later date. If you do not recieve confirmation by 10pm that day contact the emergency backup number.]

Regional Entries Closing Dates.

Summer Championships - Plymouth April 14 - CASC Closing date is therefore :- 10th April 2016.  N.B. Calne Alpha 4 L3 Open Meet [9/10th April 2016] - 3SW160370.

Summer Championships – Hengrove/Millfield April 29 - CASC Closing date is therefore :- 24th April 2016There are no other events around this period for CASC.

Sprints Glocester June 16 - Only available to swimmer who have entered the regional youths or age groups. CASC Closing date is :- 1st June 2016.


We will post information we believe to be relevant to these events here but if members believe there is more information that would be of benefit to others please let me know and we will consider adding it above.

Results will be posted on the website results page as soon as available.

NOTE: LC conversions are being used in the Entry time file this year, this should not affect the entries as SC times used above as these will be converted and be within the LC time. This will need to be checked by us if you have a short course time very close to either a consideration or entry time as the conversation can convert a qualifying time to a non-qualifying time is some cases. It is therefore really important you request your entries as soon as you can.


2016 Club Championships - Schedule

Schedule for 2016 Club Championships. (Level 4 License Numbers for Sprints 1, Sprints 2 and Distance sessions added : 09/04/2016 )

Note: You must be a paid member of Chippenham ASC prior to the 26th March 2016 to qualify for awards (Category 1, 2 or 3), after this date you may enter as a time trail up until the closing date for entries.

Entry times

*The CASC internal performance database will not be updated for any meets after the 12th June until after sessions 1-3 have been completed

Entry times for Session 1 will be as available in rankings or *CASC internal database – Heat sheets will be printed on the night.

Entry times for Sessions 2&3 in July will be taken from rankings or the *CASC internal database up to and including the Calne Alpha 4 L3 Open Meet - 3SW160695 meet on the 11/12th of June 2016

      Times obtained in the following events WILL NOT be used

3rd July 2016 - ASA SWR Fast 5 Competition - 3SW160539

9/10 July 2016 - City of Bristol Sumer Festival Open Meet - 3SW160681

(This is to allow time for the heat sheets and time cards to be printed and guillotined for the sprints events.)


**The CASC internal performance database will not be updated from the 18th Sept until the end of club championships however improved times from open meets will be used

Entry times for Sessions 4-10 in October and November will be as available in rankings or the **CASC internal database – Heat sheets will be printed on the night.

The Pre-Heated - Time Trail event for Session 05 (25m sprints) will be printed up to 2 weeks in advance ( previous 25m times will be used where possible).

Approximate Schedule (for Guidance Only - Note: Things outside our control can cause this to change!)

  • 12th March 2016 (2 Weeks before 26th March - Note published on website stating swimmers need to be full members by 26th March to complete in the 2016 Club Championships after which date, time trials will be available, until the closing date for entries.)
  • 26th March 2016 – Deadline for membership, after which all new members will be eligible to enter as time trail only (No awards).
  • 1st May 2016 - Final Schedule published  - [Schedule has been agreed by Comittee on 18/03/2016]
  • 15th May 2016 – Entries Open (Email Invites Sent) (4 Weeks allowed for entry)
  • 12th June 2016 – Entries Close

7 days allowed for Open meet results to become available.

  • 19th June 2016 – Start List / Heat Sheets Published [After the 26th June - Please Print your own copies for Sessions 02 & 03]

7 Days parents review (Please check the starts lists carefully and as soon as possible]

  • 26th June 2016 – Club Championships Start Sessions 1-3
  • 1st Oct 2016 – Club Championships Start Session 4-10

 Note: When the Entries open please apply for all Sessions and Events for July and October and November.

[We are seeking officials and volunteer for these events - if you would like to help out or could spare the time to get trained to at least timekeeper or volunteer to help please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]

Session 01 - Sunday 26/06/16 @ 19:30hrs (Corsham) - 200 IM 

Session 02 - Saturday 09/07/16 @ 16:15hrs (St Mary's) - Sprints 1 - Pre-Heated

Level 4 License # 4SW161005

Session 03 - Saturday 16/07/15 @ 16:15hrs (St Mary's) - Sprints 2 - Pre-Heated

Level 4 License # 4SW161006

Session 04 - Saturday 01/10/16 @ 17:15hrs (St Mary's) - Distance

Level 4 License # 4SW161007

Session 05 - Saturday 08/10/16 @ 17:15hrs (St Mary's) - 400 Freestyle + Time Trails - Pre-Heated

Session 06 - Sunday 09/10/16 @ 19:30rs (Corsham) - 200 Backstroke
Session 07 - Sunday 16/10/16 @ 19:30hrs (Corsham) - 200 Butterfly
Session 08 - Sunday 30/10/16 @ 19:30hrs (Corsham) - 200 Freestyle
Session 09 - Saturday 12/11/16 @ 17:15hrs (St Mary's) - 200 Breaststroke
Session 10 - Sunday 13/11/16 @ 19:30hrs (Corsham) - 400 IM


Costs will remain the same as 2015 - £10 Masters/Fundamentals (U9), £25 - Skills (Novices), £35 - Performance (Main).

(Note: There is a spectator charge of £3 per adult for Sprints 1 & 2)


2016 Wiltshire County Championships

Please find information below relevant to the 2016 Wiltshire County Championships - PLEASE CHECK WEBSITE REGULARLY FOR UPDATES.


2016 County Introduction Link
2016 County Conditions Link
2016 County Programme Link
2016 County Qualifying Times (Updated to V9) Link
2016 County Qualifiers and Requested Entries - Distance Link
2016 County Qualifiers and Requested Entries - Sprints Link
2016 County Qualifiers and Requested Entries - Youths Link
2016 County Qualifiers and Requested Entries - Age Groups Link

(Program and other information available at http://www.wiltshireswimming.co.uk/?page_id=133)

Championships and Age Groups

[Entries Closed]


[Entries Closed]


[Entries Closed]

**Updated 17th May 2016  - Sprints have now been confirmed as taking place at Milton Road, Swindon on the 10th July 2016

If you/ your child no longer wishes to compete please email the competition secretary on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by the 27th May 2016 .

Failure to do so will make entry fees payable even if the event is not attended.


Warm up Schedule: LINK

Event Schedule: TBC


If there are any questions please let us know.

Please Email : Gary Barnett (CASC Competition Secretary) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Explanation of Fields in County Qualifiers and Requested Entries

   County QT = County Qualfication Time in secs.

   Invited =  (If Red in colour indicates a request for entries has been sent out without a responce for the swimmer or parent for this event, otherwise it indicates who and when the event was requested (YES in Entry Requested) or declined (NO in Entry Requested))

   Entry Requested - YES if the swimmer wishes to enter this event, NO if the swimmer is NOT entering this event.

   Entry Submitted - Awaiting Confirmaton of Entry or the Date we have confirmation from County that the submission was successfully made.


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If you are a parent of a CASC swimmer and have an hour or two to spare each week please contact a member of the committee either on poolside or via the 'contact us' link above as we are always looking for help from committed parents. Support is welcome both on poolside and behind the scenes with club administration / management functions.

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